Leadership attributes are not something that many people are born with. Most learn leadership skills through life experience and work on their skills as they grow. Becoming a great leader requires focus, discipline, and sacrifice. Furthermore, leadership skills are something that must continue to evolve over time. The process never ends!

Monday’s presents an opportunity for leaders to improve, hone, and focus their leadership skills because you get to start afresh week. It is crucial to schedule and organize activities for the week ahead, improving your leadership qualities steadily. A leader understands the actions that are sure to make their followers devoted.

Most people hate the thought of Monday mornings because it usually means the end of a fun weekend and getting back into the regular work routine. However, great leaders know how to stay motivated regardless of their surroundings or feelings. Here are ways how as a leader you can face Mondays:

1. Physical exercise
Regular exercising helps rejuvenate both body and mind, and if done consistently, it reduces the tension and depression that comes with tackling Monday blues. Getting into the office on a Monday morning with your body dealing with some slump can negatively affect work performance, affecting your productivity as a leader.

2. Revisit your purpose
Mondays are usually the best day of the week to take out a few minutes before commencing any activity in the office to review your strategic documents. One reminds themselves of the firm’s vision and objective. It helps a leader communicate better with his subordinates on why they do what they do and share a clear picture of what direction the company is taking.

3. Setting a goal for the week
Starting Monday morning, having a goal to accomplish by Friday is an excellent way to motivate team members. It is because, through the week, they commit themselves to achieve the set target by a specific time, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

4. Focus on your flaws to improve
Every leader has their weakness because they are human. There is no better day to self-critic or focusing on your flaws than Monday morning. It can be done by making a list of your weaknesses and then creating time to focus on each weakness on Mondays.

Mondays don’t have to be the dreaded monster everyone makes it out to be. With a bit of focus, determination, and self-discipline, it can turn out to be a good day for self-reflection and planning for the week ahead.