According to the old adage, leaders aren’t born; they are made. If you speak to those within leadership who have years of experience under their belt, you will find out that this saying is very much based on reality. You can be good at your job, but you’re certainly not a leader until you’ve proven yourself as such. This is why when people are promoted, they will often immediately begin to make common mistakes. Some of these include falling into the lone wolf approach, micromanaging everything, and simply not communicating with staff. Therefore, the following list consists of some of the best leadership podcasts of 2020.

The Go-Giver: hosted by Bob Burg
When people are placed in a position of power, they often begin to question what their employees can do to bring in more revenue for the company. This is a prevalent mistake made by new leaders and can often cause more harm than good. In his podcast, Bob Burg goes in-depth about the need to provide value to others rather than looking for something from them. The podcast will often include interviews with real-life leaders that have gone through similar changes themselves, a very valuable segment of the podcast, in our opinion.

This Is Your Life: hosted by Michael Hyatt
As stated above, just because you’re the best at your particular job does not make you a leader. Michael Hyatt understands this and thus hosts one of the best podcasts for the overachiever. He will guide you through the challenging world of new leadership, from productivity, influence, and overall personal development.

The Nice Guys on Business: hosted by Doug Sandler
You may have heard it from your friends, “Nice guys finish last.” In this podcast, Doug Sandler spends much of his show talking about his own personal achievements, obstacles, and failures regarding this notion of being the nice guy in business. What makes his podcast one of the best and most unique ones out there is that he isn’t nice about how he approaches the subject. He will often challenge the audience to self-reflect and turn those negative thoughts off. The Nice Guys podcasts, in the end, shed an essential light behind the theory that nice guys can finish first.