In the competitive world of business, finding and hiring top talent is a challenge. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of tools for recruiters to help you find your next superstar. So whether you are looking for an intern or a CEO, these five tools will give you the edge over other companies vying for the same person.


1) LinkedIn Recruiter


You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, but did you know they now have a recruiting tool? The LinkedIn Recruiter allows recruiters to search for candidates based on their job title, industry, experience level, and even schools. The best part about this tool is that it requires the candidate to opt-in, meaning that you will only see candidates who are actively looking for jobs. This makes finding the right candidate much easier and can avoid issues of trying to convince people to apply who simply aren’t interested in leaving their current job!


2) Gild


Gild is a new tool designed specifically with startups in mind. Attracting top talent to a startup is a difficult challenge. This tool helps by doing all of the work for you. All you do is answer ten questions about your company’s culture, and Gild uses that information to attract possible candidates based on their job preferences. It also has an impressive resume collection API, making it easy for recruiters to quickly search through thousands of resumes and find the perfect candidate.


3) Recruiting Tools from Resume Library


For recruiters who prefer to do their research, there are several free tools available online. A few good examples include Resume Library’s screening tool, which allows you to search through hundreds of resumes in a matter of seconds. You can use this program to quickly find potential candidates and eliminate those that don’t fit what you are looking for.


4) Zintro


Zintro is an excellent tool because it allows you to post your job on multiple sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with just a few clicks. The site is easy to use and does all of the background work for you. It also offers several other features, including helping your company post on job boards and scheduling interviews.


5) BeKnown


If there is one thing that recruiters hate, it is dealing with a candidate who is too demanding. The best way to avoid this haggling and save time is to use BeKnown. This tool allows you to specify what you are looking for in a candidate and then helps match them with jobs they want to be based on the information you provide. This ensures that everyone wins: the candidates get jobs they are looking for, and the recruiters get highly qualified candidates.