As the world continues to battle COVID-19, it seems that more and more events, concerts, and even weddings are being canceled or postponed. Fortunately, throughout these past few weeks, the situation has appeared to improve. This, however, does not mean we’re in the clear. Therefore, event planners need to develop innovative ways to go ahead with events in a safe manner. Read on to learn how you, as an event planner, can gather your team and tackle events in the time of Coronavirus.

Seek Government Guidance
The reality of COVID-19 is that it is an ever-changing situation. One day you may only have a hand full of positive results and have triple-digit numbers the following week. Therefore, it is incredibly important to seek your local government’s advice to determine what type of safety procedures should be put in place. You may also visit federal government websites such as the C.D.C. or W.H.O. to learn about the latest developments.

Go Virtual
The reality of virtual meetings or events is that something is going to go wrong. Either the audio won’t be clear, or the wifi is having trouble handling the connections. However, when all other options are off the table due to government restrictions, virtual events are the way to go. It is highly recommended to use credible and well-built mediums to connect people. This may include Zoom, Facebook Live, or even on Youtube.

Eliminate as Much Confusion as Possible
Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about the current situation is that plans change so much and so often, that confusion is often the result among event-goers. Therefore, it is paramount that you have clear channels of communication to send out urgent messages regarding the status of your event.

Go Above & Beyond to Ensure Safety
If your local government allows events to continue, you should make sure to go above and beyond to ensure everyone’s safety. This could mean adding various sanitation areas where people can wash their hands or even throw away masks/gloves.

COVID-19 has no doubt changed so much of our lives in just a matter of months. For event planners, this is just another opportunity to prove yourself and build great events for clients.