One of the most common mistakes made by new business leaders is thinking that to truly become a leader, you must follow a particular set of guidelines. They look at figures that society deems as leaders and attempt to replicate aspects of their publicly visible lives. However, the lives of these individuals whose names are held up so highly are much more complicated than what is seen in public. Therefore the following includes a few bits of information regarding myths about the concept of leadership.

Only Extroverts Can be Leaders
For many years, the notion was that only outgoing people, aka extroverts, were the only ones who were able to take on the reigns of being a leader within their business. The reality is that both types of people can be leaders. Introverts tend to be great listeners and avoid business problems simply because they heard everyone out before acting on a decision. You tend to only hear about the extroverts because they like the attention and want to be heard. But trust us, there are plenty of introverts who have done great things in business but choose to remain quiet.

You Must Know Everything
A leader is the head of a company because they know everything, right? The reality is that they are often as lost as their employees. So, what makes them leaders then? Today, due to innovations in technology, information is constant and rapid. Therefore, companies are not looking for someone who knows it all but rather someone who thinks quickly on their feet when facing changing circumstances.

Leaving it to HR
Perhaps the most common mistakes made by leaders today are allowing office issues to be addressed solely by their HR department. Sure, your HR is there to help you, but that’s just it, it’s there to help you not do the whole job. When you pass on the issue to another party, you do not get to the heart of what is causing the problems in the first place. Therefore it is highly recommended to instill the type of mindset you want onto your staff. Demonstrate exactly how you want things to be by setting the example. A perfect rule to have in place is the golden rule.