Saying that the coronavirus pandemic caught everyday people off guard is a vast understatement. People are losing their jobs and their lives, and quite possibly, the worst thing of all for many people is that there is no end in sight.

It is in these times that we need strong leadership. Whenever a crisis strikes, especially one of this magnitude, people need great leaders of all kinds, on all fronts, both nationally and locally.

Whether you are the leader of a small business or an entire state, all leaders need to have certain things in common. Here are some keys to stable leadership during this process.

Let Go Of The Ego
A time of crisis is no time for self-aggrandizement. Divert the attention from yourself, and focus on your team, or whoever you are leading. In times such as this, people need to be reassured and feel confident that they are following a competent leader. There are few things as pathetic and despicable as a leader who uses a crisis as an opportunity to inflate their ego.

Be Brutally Honest
It would be wise to heed the advice of military leaders during this time. Former Navy SEALs Chief Chris Fussell is advising leaders to be brutally honest and transparent during this time.

Clear communication is absolutely necessary. The effectiveness of a team is inextricably linked to the team’s communication and the communication of the team’s leader. People need to know exactly what’s going on and to be told the blunt truth, without any sugar coating.

Empathy is another crucial trait for a leader to have during this crisis. People need to know that their leader stands with them in solidarity and is on their side 100%.

There is nothing worse than a leader that is detached from his or her constituents. Such a person is unfit for a position of leadership, and I would do everyone a better service by letting another person assume the role of leader.

People need to feel like their leader understands and cares about them as individuals. If people do not believe this, then they will not accomplish anything.