Being laid-off can be one of the most upsetting, depressing events a person can experience. Fortunately, there are multiple methods for overcoming it, obtaining needed help, and getting back to work. Explore these options after experiencing a layoff.

Negotiate Severance Pay And Benefits

These are usually not available for employees who have been fired, but layoffs are often different. An employee’s first step upon learning they will be laid-off is to inquire about any available severance package and see what continuing pay and benefits can be arranged with the employer. Various state laws may require employers to offer some form of severance package to laid-off employees. Through the federal COBRA law, employees are allowed to temporarily keep their employer-provided health insurance, with some restrictions.

Apply For Unemployment Benefits

Individuals who have been laid-off through no fault of their own are perfect candidates for unemployment benefits. These are distributed by the individual states that have their own rules and criteria surrounding the benefits they offer. Employees who have recently been laid-off should consult with their state’s unemployment agency to learn more about the application process and whether they are eligible. Unemployment benefits can be the key to sustaining a livelihood until another job is found.

Decide What Job To Pursue Going Forward

Another critical step is to consider what should happen next. Individuals might decide to begin looking for a similar job to the one they had, but they also might desire to use this opportunity to make a more substantial change in their career path. Investing in career counseling may be an excellent way to help bounce back after a layoff. Going back to school for additional training is another option, as is allowing time to grieve.

Craft A Winning Resume

The final step to bouncing back from a layoff is to start looking for a new job. This requires job seekers to put together a resume, which can be new or repurposed from an existing document, for the types of jobs they are looking for. Be sure to follow standard resume best practices, such as using active verbs and focusing on accomplishments. Fortunately, layoffs are a very understandable reason to be looking for a new job and will not likely be a sticking point with prospective employers.