During the pandemic, many people have become justifiably concerned about the cleanliness and sterilization procedures of the places they visit. Customers want to make sure that businesses they patronize are taking all appropriate precautions to keep them safe. The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) has created the STAR Service Accreditation Program in order to properly train cleaning companies and their teams in procedures to properly disinfect areas to minimize the risk of infectious disease spread.


The GBAC STAR accreditation process starts with a company applying for the certification. Upon receiving the application, the GBAC will review it and issue the Accreditation Handbook, outlining the 20 program objectives, with which the company is required to demonstrate compliance before they can be certified. The objectives include requirements like consistent, thorough procedures and goal tracking. They will also receive access to the GBAC STAR Service Center and be provided with a number of training courses for employees proportional to the number of staff at the company. A set portion of the team must complete these courses before accreditation is considered.


These materials are provided to ensure that each applicant knows the proper procedures for cleaning biohazards and can provide their staff with the necessary equipment to complete this process effectively. The objectives state that employees must be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), the proper disinfectants and supplies, as well as a uniform standard of training. 


GBAC STAR accreditation makes both guests to a facility and employees of cleaning companies feel more secure. Employees can feel comfortable in their knowledge of how to keep themselves and their clients safe from contagion, and customers do not have to worry about whether or not they could be infected in a given environment. Once accreditation is achieved, GBAC provides labels, signs, and other materials to help inform patrons about their safety; people can visit the GBAC website to learn about the specific, rigorous protocols used to keep them safe. 


Acquiring a GBAC STAR Service Accreditation is an important step companies can take to show their clients that they understand the seriousness of infectious disease contamination and are prepared to take all necessary steps to make them and their customers feel secure. United Service Companies is committed to ensuring our customers that we follow the strictest most rigorous protocol to keep them safe. As such, we’ve completed our GBAC STAR accreditation and look forward to safely serving our clients.