The trip into and back home from work can be taxing on many professionals. This is especially true of those working in large metropolitan areas where traffic snarls are often a serious and long-standing problem. Companies that offer staff members options geared towards lightening their commuting loads stand a better chance of retaining such individuals. Specific measures can include:

Enabling Telework
Some companies offer employees with long, arduous commutes the option of telecommuting from time to time. These companies allow employees to accomplish tasks like making pertinent calls or video conferencing from home. Employees may also use VPN software, which enables them to access the company’s computer system and complete specific tasks from a remote location. Research has concluded that roughly half of the United States workforce is employed in a job that provides some telecommuting capability, and 80 to 90 percent believe companies offering such options are more attractive to work for than those that do not.

Offering Flexible Hours
Companies that either cannot or do not find the notion of telework feasible might consider options like offering employees more flexible working hours. For example, professional offices situated in large cities like New York and Los Angeles might give workers who drive to such locations the option of beginning their workday and returning home at a later time. These provisions might enable the staffers in question to avoid commuting during the peak morning and evening rush periods.

Providing Useful Information
Various professional entities are committed to providing information about potential commuting options, such as carpools and public transit opportunities.

Offering Relocation Incentives
Specific companies have offered employees who reside discernible distances from the company’s office relocation incentives. For example, the company in question might cover the relocating employee’s moving costs or affording them paid leave to complete the moving process.

Transportation Reimbursement
At the very least, many companies offer commuting employees transportation reimbursement for the expenses such subjects incur like gas, tolls, transit fares, and parking.

Transit Perks
Individual companies might choose to finance employee transportation costs. For instance, some companies in New York City provide staffers monthly Metrocards, which pay for subway and bus fares throughout Manhattan, the other four boroughs, and, in some cases, nearby suburbs.