Hard work is not the only requirement to be appreciated by senior executives in the workplace. Building a good rapport with them also matters. It is difficult for people to try and develop a relationship with someone above their pay grade. As much as it is a daunting task, there are things one can do to maximize the chances of developing good professional relationships with senior executives in the workplace. The following are some of them.

Look Out for Opportunities to Meet Them
If the workplace does not create opportunities to interact with executives, seek opportunities to meet them outside the work environment, such as work vacations, workshops, events, or parties.

Start a Conversation
When one gets a chance to meet their seniors, they should utilize the opportunity and start a conversation. When introducing themselves, they should say something beyond their office duties and name. To get the executives’ attention, talk about something that concerns the company—for instance, an idea of improving the company’s customer services. Bosses will always be interested in having a conversation with members with ideas for making the company better.

Keep on Cultivating the Relationship
A one-off meeting or chance encounter isn’t going to result in mentorship or close friendship. Consequently, after the first meeting, initiate a second one, maybe to offer an update on a work project. In the second meeting, speak confidently and use appropriate and polite language.

Do Not Focus on the Most Senior Members
There are numerous influencers in the company apart from the CEO. It is challenging to initiate direct contact with the most senior company executive. Nevertheless, building a relationship with the other senior personnel is easier. They might offer an introduction to the overall boss.

Keep in Touch
A relationship is not an on and off transaction process. One has to be consistent in communication. Moreover, it is okay to keep in touch with former senior executives if one changes their working station. As one tries to maintain connections, they should not rely solely on social media. It is okay to send an email or make a call. Eventually, it may result in a physical meeting.