Wouldn’t it be great if we always knew exactly how we were perceived at work? It’s easy to think that we understand how we’re seen. Many assume their work is being noticed or believe they are unfairly ignored. But what if you do not see things the way your boss does?

What if you’re getting passed over for opportunities because of the information you don’t have?

No one wants to come across as insecure. Asking a lot of questions about yourself can be uncomfortable. But there are ways to ask smart questions that give you information on how you’re doing at work and tell your boss that you care about your job and want to excel.

Here are a few questions ambitious employees should ask to get ahead.

Where Do I Need Improvement?
Let’s start right off with a question that’s most uncomfortable to ask. No one wants to hear about an area where they aren’t exceeding expectations.

When you ask your boss this question, you’ll get insight into how you can improve and an idea of what’s important to them. Perhaps you weren’t focusing your attention on a particular area because you didn’t consider it essential. Now you know.

What Is The Key To Your Success?
This question offers you a lot of information. You will learn what they consider their best skills are, which tells you skills they value in an employee. Their answer will also help you gain information on their story. Who are they? This will help you form a better bond and understanding as you move forward, working together.

What Are Your Biggest Goals For Our Team?
If they haven’t already communicated this to you, then this is one of the best career questions to get ahead.

When you know what your boss is aiming for in the future, you can tailor your work to make sure you contribute to your team’s most important goals. What better way to make yourself an asset than by having your work contribute to the long term goals important to your boss?